Recently, T.R. Tennyson began story-boarding an idea for a new novella, Forget Me Not (working title). Please enjoy this synopsis until the written work is completed.

The Earth, stricken with famine, has become incapable of sustaining its inhabitants’ current population. In this society, prejudice is wholeheartedly accepted and those who are plagued with any form of physical or mental illness are slaughtered. One man fights to defy the social norm.

Pilar, struggling with Alzheimer’s, rises from the underground with his band of misfit followers to promote change and acceptance. Can our hero remain lucid long enough to change the world?

Below is the working synopsis for what T.R. Tennyson is working on for Book 1 of the Hunt Series, The Hunter: Laws of Earth!

In the wake of a brutal war between the Internal Forces and the Externals, Axel Raid’s mother is kidnapped by an unknown enemy. With his girlfriend, Rika, by his side and only his training to guide him, Axel seeks to save his family.

The journey is more arduous than Axel could have ever imagined. In spite of heartbreaking loss and disastrous truths, Axel gains revelation into his past and the secrets held there.

Will Axel save his mother? What truths lie in store for him? Join our hero as he becomes: The Hunter!

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